Save Cash: The Secrets of Building Wealth

Save Cash: The Secret of Building Wealth

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Tips to Save Money:

  1. Start saving today
  2. Eliminate bills
  3. Avoid creating new bills
  4. Save a higher percentage of your income than you ever imaged, think big, save 30-60%
  5. Spend only on necessities
  6. Shop using cash
  7. Make saving money a daily priority
  8. Live below your income
  9. Cook and eat at home more often
  10. Take left overs from dinner to work for lunch

Establish a record of important dates to put money aside for your children.

For example,

  1. Before and after the child is born
  2. Every birthday
  3. Child makes honor roll
  4. Child does something well
  5. Child receives an allowance
  6. Monthly
  7. Holidays
  8. Graduations


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