For Real Though 

​If Jesus sits on the right hand off the Father, that means we have to be more like him before we join them.  If Heaven is a spiritual place, there is no sitting because there’s no physical body.

Jesus didn’t stop Judas Isariot, the solider that cut of the disciple’s ear nor Pontius Pilate from doing what they were going to do. That means we are responsible for our own action. Like Jesus we must come to recognize who we are, bear our cross to earn the right to be with God eternally, which means if we are looking for a savior to come to stop the drama is wishful thinking. Jesus is not going to come and run for any office nor executive position. People whatever title they carry are going to do exactly what they wish just like the pharisees and sadducees described in the story, etc. We got to know ourself and spend time getting to know God and the plan for our life. We have to save ourself. The civil war and civil rights movement are examples of the struggle and fight for rights. It’s unfortunate that we still have to fight for rights and it’s sad people are still fighting the war.

Peace and blessings,



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