The Innate Question, Who Am I Deserves An Answer and You Have it Within Yourself 

When meditation is practiced people take better care of themselves. Meditation rewards them with youthfulness and health, which leads to longevity, i.e. life, health and vitality. For example, people indulge in less alcohol consumption, fewer prescription and recreational drugs and better life habits such as eating and exercise, etc. 

​Our intuition knows there is more to explore about the self. When we do not listen we indulge in activities that destroy our body instead of nourishing it and our soul.

To discover and explore the far reaches of the mind meditation is suggested. 

If you are interested in learning how to meditate, contact me via FB messenger or comment in this blog. Sessions are taught during the week in the early morning before 6 a.m. For those on the west coast sessions are in the evening. 

See video on some of the benefits: 

Peace and blessings,

SHMA, Kevin 


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