Lies and More Lies Mar the Truth 

Spiritual truth cannot not be hidden forever (conscious awareness and intuition). We are divine spirit beings having dual experiences (physical and spiritual).

The perpetrators of untruths suffer the greatest because it eats at the flesh, heart and soul. A lie built on lies spawns more lies until the whole is a lie, whichh makes the truth revealed appears to be a lie. Consequently, the truth becomes shrouded and difficult to be believed. It is a craft devised by crafty powerful people for their gain not the general people. The orchestration is impeccable. Now, the veil is pulled back and the truth is power to grow, however it takes time. Time is infinite. The truth hidden cannot be hidden forever . 

The body is a Temple. It should be respected and nutured to practice self realization via meditation and reflection.

Peace and blessings,

SHMA, Kevin 


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