Poem: What If Trump is President by SHMA, KP. Dedicated to Langston Hughes

What if Trump is President, will it awaken the consciousness of the sleeping sluggard
Will all people be able to rest in peacefulness 

Will he be an intergrationist or separatist

People of color have historically not been racists instead standing with open arms

What if he upsets the apple cart, will America and the world be ready for it

The 2000s will more than likely be different from the 60s

Possibly more people will be engaged to defend and lose it, what if there was a BBB whatever that means

Watts and Camden could be duplicated in different places such as bed room places 

The people will have a chance to overcome biases for God provides routes to escape hate

For righteousness will prevail every time before the greedy empire collapses. 

Dedication to Langston Hughes 

I too have a voice.

Peace and blessings 

SHMA, Kevin


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