Wisdom: SHMA. Spirit and Body


My son and daughters,

A person is of two things:  spirit and body.

Understand the spirit of a person.

Do not be deceived by the body and the dressings of the body such as shape, fragrance, alterations to the body, clothing, etc. Those things are illusions to trick or deceive the spiritual perception. It is like a decoy, “wolves in sheep clothing” is an analogy.

For example, you will meet someone gorgeous. At first you will be in awe by their beauty or elegance. Then, you may eventually get to know the person the more time you spend with them. Then you will begin to see and understand the real person underneath the clothing and glamour. At that point, you  need to make a decision to continue fantasizing hoping for a spiritual change or cease the fantasizing and accept the person for who they truly are in their heart. Do not hesitate to part ways if their heart is impure or evil. Otherwise, you will develop regret for not heeding the warnings.

If they are glamorous and have a pure heart with great intentions then you are set and should remain in the relationship whether it is a business or personal relationship.

Everyone is not good for you. Some people smile in your face and all the time want to take what you have and they could care less about you. While others will be sincere. Therefore, consider this a notice to be on guard of everyone who come into your life even those who show up totally unexpected.

Trust should be earned and not fully given upfront. This is to protect yourself to the best of your spiritual ability.


SHMA, Kevin


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