Wisdom : SHMA. Different Spirits


My son and daughters,

Always pray, meditate, seek peace, have mercy, express love and be grateful.

There are pure and impure spirits among us. Be wise by being observant of the behavior of every person you encounter. For example, in the biblical story Jesus encountered Legion (Mark 5:8). In the Bhagavad Gita 3.20, Sri Krishna explained to Arjuna about the mind set of some people who had to be destroyed, which is the reason he had to fight the Battle of Kuruksetra. In our Kemetic teachings we discuss the Battle of Heru and Set and Set’s Lieutenant Apep (Per M Heru Chapter 9). So, be on guard and know the difference between good and evil spirits.  Do good and select the pure spirited person wisely.

Every person eventually will need to purify their heart and mind to become a pure soul. God is merciful, which is the reason we have multiple chances to work on it.

Therefore, pray for those who say and do ill things toward you. Do not hate anyone, just pray for their change from egoism and selfishness to godliness.  


SHMA, Kevin


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