Wisdom : SHMA. Two Different Minds in Existence


Who can understand the mind of the wicked? Even the wicked can’t understand it’s mind. They do know it’s wicked for no other reason but to be contrary. “They know not what they do.” Quote from Luke 23:34

The good person’s mind is easy to understand because they are about love and peace. They care about others and they care enough about themselves to not hurt themselves or others.

The good is wasting their time to understand the wicked.  Therefore, it’s best to pray for the wicked and part from them with haste because it is only a matter of time before they turn their wickedness upon you. Even then they will not know what they do or have done. Their mind is agitated and it has become crystallized or hard and so has their heart. In such cases, speak spiritual and think good thoughts because they need help and don’t know it.  Some people don’t realize they need spiritual and mental healing.


SHMA, Kevin


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