Wisdom: SHMA


Knowing thyself is only half the battle. The other half is practicing the teachings of the Sages that lead to enlightenment in this lifetime. Those who know the truth have half way ended the search. Those who do not know, continues the full search from the beginning. In the realm of knowing choose wisely is an important task. Otherwise you choose at your own peril.

Everyone before birth begin the search to discover who they are and why are they here on earth. No one can escape the law of curiosity because karma (ari) and desires bring us back and the cycle continues unbroken until we have had enough frustration and disappointment. Then the soul leads the mind to enlightenment opportunities or situations to free it from the bondage of egoism and fetters of the mind in search of peace of heart and mind.

Because of constant distractions and attractions, they slow the process of discovering the higher divine self. However, when there is a crack in the fog or break in the cloud so the sun ray can shine through the mind, nothing can satisfy the soul other than the ray of peace and quiet.

Eventually, laughter becomes controlled and pleasures become attenuated because the soul finds solace in stillness and expansiveness. It becomes one with all in existence from a distance and close and personal. The energy of the Divine passes through the being. Every thought becomes a wave like the ocean.


Peace (Htp ),

SHMA, Kevin


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