Inspiration: Eating Healthy is a Personal Choice and Commitment


Greening the body is a personal choice except for little children that rely on their parents to prepare them food. Unfortunately, obesity/overweight is a pandemic in the United States of America. Children are developing obesity at an alarming rate and young people in their 30s and 40s are dying from the symptoms of obesity and poor food choices, e.g. heart disease and food borne agents causing cancer.

Fortunately, there is hope when the doctors can’t help.  You have the POWER! That hope is eat a diet of fresh vegetables and fruits.

Steamed or sauté vegetables is a good place to start the journey. Minimize or eliminate iodine salt, greasy food and processed sugars.

Live healthy by making healthy eating choices. Your doctor didn’t study nutrition in medical school, so you cannot rely on her/him for the best food advice.  Instead, you will have to learn on your own by reading vegetarian or vegan magazines and websites to hear a different perspective. The other side of the coin so to speak.

Think about it, the meat industry came after Oprah Winfrey when she spoke on her show against the meat industry, even though it was information based on findings. Some things are protected including accurate information.

I have a recent success story to share about someone I helped make a change in her eating habit. This lady was sick for over a month and she had been going to see various doctors for her condition. Nothing was helping and the doctors still don’t know the solution cause. I eventually had a persuasive  talk with her and she started fasting by going to a green diet and drinking more healthy water (spring or alkalized).

When we spoke yesterday, she shared with me she has loss 10 lbs and is starting to feel better.  When she ate some food from her old diet over the weekend at a company potluck, i.e. chicken, etc. she became sick the next day from the food. Fortunately, she learned her lesson and she is back on her 40 day fast of greening her body. When she visited her doctor yesterday, the doctor never asked her how she loss 10 lbs since her last visit nor did the doctor make any food recommendations.  Instead, she switched her prescription and reduced her medicine strength and then rescheduled a six week follow up appointment.

The lesson to take away is to do everything preventable from seeing a doctor. They don’t have a cure or answer to solve the root problem. The Power is in your control.   It is between your hands and mouth. It is also a conscious decision to be discipline for the mission.

All the best on your journey to better health and living an active life. God bless!

Peace and blessings,

SHMA, Kevin


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