Green the body of Asar (detoxify body, mind and spirit), Tree of Life


Green the body to make it healthy and vibrant. Google how to detoxify the stomach and intestines. A 3-5 day regimen every quarter or month could be a boon to your health and life by adding years to your life, vibrance to your skin and a pep to your step.

Many green juices have enough vitamins and minerals to be a meal replacement for every meal course. Fortunately, there are a variety of options available to purchase in stores/online or you could make a green drink at home in a juicer or blender.

Unfortunately, greening the body is too uncommon because we are a
“love our meat and potatoes and junk food culture/society”. Therefore, eating for health and to live are far from most of our interest.

Healthy eating and living are choices we are responsible for making daily. It is our will and desire. Let’s not wait until we are sick with one foot in the grave, instead start now. The body is a Temple.

Adoration healing God/Goddess, bless the people with wisdom and understanding about food and the body via prayer, meditation and reflection and then action by exercising will power. Mercy and knowledge suit our case for a change in habit to take effect and to be meaningful in the short and long term. Bless us to see and experience positive results.

Peace and blessings for eternal life including life in a pure state after the death of the physical body.

SHMA, Kevin


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