Birth of Heru (Horus) annually three days after the Winter Solstice since over 10,000 years ago


From time immemorial in Kemet (KMT), Ta-Meri the Kemetic people celebrated the Spiritual Birth of Heru three days after the Winter Solstice. It marks the ascension of the sun. In the myth, Heru was born to Asar (soul) and Aset (wisdom). Heru represents spirit aspiration to become enlightened to the Divine nature of self and universal connection to all things and the Supreme Being.

Heru later became called Horus by the Greeks and then Jesus by the Romans Religious Sycophants (Conquerors). It was Roman that plagiarized, stole and concealed the philosophy, religion and artifacts of KMT, which opened the door for Arabs to invade and seize control over now day Egypt. The name Egypt is from the Greeks who studied there and created their culture and mythology based on what they learned in Kemet.

History has be shrouded and the veil has been closed.

Heru is not a person. Heru is a spiritual metaphor to help an individual to learn about their true divine nature and to attain oneness with God and all of creation in the spirit. Meditation, righteous action (Maat), selfless service, spiritual study and devotion to God can help an individual attain enlightenment in their lifetime.

Adoration to Lord Heru (Dua Neb Heru) Kemetic Translation.

Hetep ( Supreme Peace )

Merry Christmas (Love More Consciousness)

SHMA, Kevin


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