Light on Top of a Hill (Mountain/Pyramid/7th Center)

Energy bodies

Who will believe the report? Man and woman are a living god. I have shared experiences of peace of mind, spirit and of the Heavenly body. I go among family and friends. I have been cordial to the stranger and generous to the less fortunate. I have lived in peace and spoken of it so others would know of it themselves. However, when I say I am one with God and God and I are one and that I sit on the throne (seat of right actions) as Heir, I am considered a heretic. Some say, isn’t that my friend or family from a small town and who went to a small school who was born out of union by a young girl and older guy. Who will believe our report about going off daily to pray and meditate to have that experience of union with the divine higher essence?

I am light and I have been to KMT, I have seen the writing on the walls (Great Pyramids and Temples), and I have received the 42 Laws of Righteous Living in the precepts of Maat. Moses received 10. I received all 42 and wrote them on the tablet of my heart.

Forgive them for they know not what they reject and call all things paganism that doesn’t fit their concepts and mind set. Not realizing they reject themselves, instead of seeking to understand their deeper essence of being (body, mind and soul).

Live in peace, love and harmony.

Peace I leave with you,

Shems Heru aka Kevin


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