The Lady Who Found Her Treasure

There was a woman who searched for treasures daily.  Every so often she thought she found it because it shined like diamonds, rubies and gold.

However, every time she kept it and cleaned it, it faded over a period of time. It was never authentic.  So that caused her to continue searching. Her friends and family thought she was losing her mind in her pursuit to find the real treasure. Nevertheless, she was determined.  Who could blame her. She knew it was out there somewhere.  So she increased her passion and doubled her efforts. She finally decided to go at it alone with the guidance of her heart, intuition and Heaven.

Every one that was a witness felt pity for her.  In fact, they suggested she give up and join them in merriment. Why not,  that’s what everyone else was doing.

After all, who cared about finding treasures when things have been handed down to you with no effort needed on your part but to kick back and take ease.

However, this lady didn’t want to rest on her laurels, accept hand me downs, follow the crowd nor settle for the status quo. Her friends and family didn’t know what to tell her despite her insistence for answers and directions.

The conventional information provided no assistance in her search. All she knew, was she had to keep looking at all cost. She wanted to be at peace. Fortunately, one day, she found the treasure she was seeking when she closed her eyes after taking deep breathes and asking for answers of the Great Spirit. The treasures of her heart were revealed to her. She came to learn that what she sought was already within her. She was a treasure trove. She came to recognize herself as a rare diamond and a golden individual worth more than money could buy and what the world could offer.

When she tried to tell others of her divine experience and the knowledge for which she gained no one listened.  They turned out to be fickle friends.  Although she discovered her inner light alone, she was glad she made the journey and would do it all over again.  Now, she plans to live her life as the invaluable jewel she is by dropping jewels wherever she goes in the hopes it will help others searching for their treasure or self worth.

Her family and friends think she is different now and they sense her transformation. They can’t explain her glowing appearance and her reasons for being peaceful and calm in the middle of life storms.

She has tried to share with them that she doesn’t walk with the masses instead she walks where the few go. She also does what the few are willing to do. She has cleaned up her act; she is as light as a feather and loving life to the fullest since she has discovered her higher self, which she has determined is her treasure.


Shems Heru aka Kevin

Vegetarian diet
Give devotion to God
Live by Maat meaning do right actions

Kemeticism is a way of life not a religion.


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