Infinite and without Boundaries through Meditation

We should respect physical form but not be bound by it. For example, there are other planes of existence, which are the astral plane and causal. Meditation will help you experience them. The center of peace and knowledge of self and creation.

We are spirit/energy bodies. What causes us to think otherwise is our five senses that we use to experience and perceive ourselves and our surrounding environment.

Transcend the senses and you then have transcended physicality. The transcendental experience will demonstrate that we are one with all things and spirit in absolute reality and time doesn’t exist. It is only relative at the physical level. We are able to stop time when we go where time doesn’t exist.

Through meditation you can preserve energy and life. Meditation helps with understanding our divinity and eradicating negative energy and thoughts.


Shems Heru Merri Aton


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