Rethink Culture for a Simpler Way of Life

The conquered live and do as the conqueror. They adopt the lifestyle, ways of life, interest, religion, hobbies, sports, attire, attitude, and diet. That’s how the people are controlled for a thousand years. When the populous suddenly awaken, calamity strikes to lull them back to a sleepy state of mind so there will be calm instead of requests for power sharing and information. I Have a Dream that all people will accept each other as brother and sister regardless of color of skin, gender, economic status or religious beliefs. And, that the powerful will share power with the people so the people can exercise true freedom of will as it relates to worship, ancient traditions, health, spirituality, and wealth. If not, the people have the power of simplicity, prayer and meditation, which can free people from all bondages, oppression, and limitations.


Shems Heru


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