Dreams and Illusions

Ever wonder about your dreams or events that happen in your life: your dream state or your awake state? In Absolute reality, neither state is real. You fall asleep into one state of mind and awaken to another.  

Transcendental meditation confirms Absolute Reality and proves the Theory of Relativity. Was Einstein a genius or deep meditator (transcendental meditator)?  Transcendental meditation demonstrates that we are genderless, infinite beings and we are one with creation.

We could be having a bad dream while sleeping or awake. For example, in a bad dream we get frightened and so do we in an awakened state. Another example, we want things to work out in a bad dream as well as in the awakened state. Again, which state is real.

In either state we want the best outcome. With that being the case, we have to control the controllables by living a righteous life (Maat), give devotion to God (Uashu), take care of our Temple by eating vegetables and fruits and drinking plenty of water, enough sleep, studying wisdom texts (Rekh) and practicing meditation daily (Uaa). 

We are in a bad dream if we are harming ourselves which includes hurting others or the environment. Therefore, we should strive to experience Absolute Reality, put God first in our life and discover our true spiritually divine self, which is oneness with the Higher Power (Aton, Ra, Nebedjer, God, Tao, Jehovah, Yah, Allah Buddha, Jesus, Zen, Amun,or Ptah). God is known by many names. God’s true name is unknown because God is beyond form and concepts. So we use different names to describe the Great Spirit – Supreme Being. True awakening to the highest divine self.


Shems Heru Merri Aton aka Kevin


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