Connectivity and Relativity: Sun and Moon, Male and Female, Light and Dark, Above and Below, Heaven and Earth, North and South

Symbols (ankhs, crosses, colors, crooks, flails, eagles, hawks, pyramids, balancing scales, hearts, and olive branches) myths (Egyptian (Heru), Greek (Zeus) and Roman (Jesus)), mysticism and hidden wisdom and mysteries are in view for eyes to see and for the mind to conceptionalize.

The ultimate goal is for the soul to find it’s way to experience oneness with the all-encompassing Supreme God. The connection of individual consciousness to Universal consciousness. The soul comes into the world searching for liberation not more illusions, ignorance, pain and frustration.

The rising Sun, flow of the river, waves of the ocean and fullness of the moon are Divine and part of our being/essence. We are one in spirit not separate from anything in existence. Take care of the self (spirit), earth, water supply, air we breathe, animals and humans (all are brothers and sisters with the same final resting place).

We are Divine Spirit. We are gods and goddesses. We create with our thoughts like the Supreme Being created creation. It all begins with a thought. Out of emptiness comes creation. We perform actions. We speak things into existence. We are energy bodies. Therefore, try living in the spirit not the body and experience the difference or absolute reality through formal and informal meditation. Do not live in illusions instead operate from absolute reality. The body has an expiration while the spirit of a person is forever.


Shems Heru Merri Aton aka Kevin


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