The Divine is an omnipresent spirit without gender. In Absolute terms so are you.


Questions are often asked of the self, who am I, why am I here, what is my purpose in life and who is God? To live and operate with knowledge of a higher self (divine being) is much better than not knowing the self or the path that leads to the knowing of the self.

To roam is animal like but to know is like being on a mission to return to oneness with the all-encompassing Supreme Being without form.  Roaming can be perceived as a blindness (blindfolders on the eyes and mind) Where there is a clear vision and understanding you find humility and peace. You also find a heart and mind of the person wanting to do right. The pure in heart shall experience God in his/her fullness. God transcends gender and boundaries. In Absolute reality, we are genderless, spirit and not the body.

“The conflict in theological study arises when the mental concept of God is concretized and held onto steadfastly as an absolute reality, or when it is held to be a historical fact, rather than a psychological symbol of a deeper reality which is within the human heart and which is also the essence of the universe. This has the effect of stunting spiritual development because eventually, on the way to enlightenment, all concepts must be left behind… In order to understand God, one must transcend the human ego and thus become like God. It is only then that the correct understanding will dawn.” Dr. Muata Ashby, Egyptian Yoga Vol. 2. Amunian (Theban) Theology

Hetep (Peace )

Shems Heru Merri Aton aka Kevin


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