When you transcend the senses and control the thoughts of the mind you experience a peaceful existence. It is as if experiencing a state of heaven on earth. It is hard to describe the experience. However, your soul desires peace.

For example,  when the senses are transcended and the mind is under control you commune with inner and external peace.  Similarly to a walking around the most tranquil place you can imagine while doing normal daily activities.

Heaven and earth are states of consciousness. If you desire an earthly experience of physical existence only, then you can have it through the normal hardships and striving to attain desires in life that satisfy for a moment but not eternally at the heart and soul level. On the other hand, you can put the desirous thoughts to rest and shelve the senses and attain God consciousness while living in human form.

In a peaceful and God conscious state, things fall into place; an alignment occurs with the universe and all within existence. The more peace you pursue and create the more peace you will eventually start to experience.  Outcomes are tied to Ari or Karma. Therefore, work to purify the mind and actions through good deeds, devotion to God, meditation, studying spiritual wisdom texts and transcend limitations. Basically, walk around as in Heaven while on earth. You are an aspect of God the Supreme Being. You are a Great one and the son or daughter of a Great one. Therefore, you are a God or a Goddess in human form, yet you are spirit eternally. The body and senses will decay.

Hetep, (Peace )

Shems Heru Merri Aton aka Kevin


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