Antiaging article from Better Nutrition magazine

21-Day Challenge Anti-aging article excerpt from Better Nutrition July 2015


Tip 20:  “Get Back to Nature.
Turns out that communing with nature is really good for the soul. Research shows that spending just 20 minutes outside in good weather not only improves mood, but it also broadens thinking and increases working memory. The idea outdoor temperature at which happiness is maximized is 57 degrees Fahrenheit, according to a study by the American Meteorological Society.

Tip 21:  Gratitude. In one study, researchers found that listing three good things that happened during the day – no matter how small – increased happiness and decreased depressive symptoms. So take a few minutes each day to think about good things that happened. Either write them down or enter them into an app such as Happier or The Gratitude Habit.” Kim Erickson

There are 19 other tips that are worthy of reading and learning about.  I selected only two to get you interested in taking better care of yourself and family and friends. A bonus tip from the article is Tip 3 on the list: Try Resveratrol Supplement. I take a Grape seed tablet daily as an antioxidant, which delivers powerful antioxidant activity to help limit damaged by free radicals and to keep artery walls flexible. It also helps promote heart health and has been shown to increase the life span of worms, fruit flies, fish, and mice.

The article is a great read. I highly recommend me. If you would like a copy of the article leave a comment.

I do several of the tips mentioned in the article.  I will strongly consider doing one extra thing that I am not doing that the article recommends. I am going to looking it purchasing and taking D-Ribose. It is known to increase energy production on a cellular level.  It has been shown to improve physical and mental energy levels.

Make it a great day.  Thanks Kim Erickson and Better Nutrition for the article and tips.



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