Alarm: 1.5 Million Missing Black Men –

All brothers and sisters (all people) stand up and be a positive role model in a young person’s life. This call transcends color of skin (ethnicity) and gender.

Please read the article provided with the link below.

Please note in the article near the end of it: most of the top cities where African American men are missing are in cities with major league sport teams (one of my observations).

My friends, too often the emphasis is put on being a star athlete for our young people instead of being a star student. For those students that do not make it into professional leagues, they rarely have an education to support them being productive citizens. Even some athletes who make it in the professional leagues do not have a college degree to support their livelihood when they leave the league.  Many of the athletes retire in their 30s because of pain in the body.  Generally, they have many more years ahead of them if they live to be 75 years old or older based on laws of average. That is a long between retirement from the league or leaving the league involuntarily and death.

Statistics/numbers can help us know where we are and what we need to do better.

Become a mentor and a positive role model in your community, at a local school or organization.




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