Stay the course

Fortune 500 companies are successful because they saw an opportunity and they seized the moment.   However, in the background was a considerable amount of discussion and debate about the opportunity, market strategy, exit strategy, capital funding and employee responsibilities.

Inherent in seizing the moment is risk, which risk is the X-factor.  Risk should be calculated and investigated thoroughly before taking the leap.  Nonetheless, there can be gold in the risk.  The question is are you willing to take the risk to obtain the gold or come up with only dirt.

Several companies come to mind when thinking about risk takers, i.e. Enterprise, Apple with the I-phone and I-pad, and drug companies and medical device companies with new drug discovery and new surgical tools, respectively. Manufacturing companies are forced by consumers and competitors take enormous risk to develop products to stay on the cutting edge and leader in their industry.

Warren Buffet and Chinese philosophy suggestions avoid risk, which maybe a reason why China is one of the richest countries in the world.  For an individual to take risk, it takes a lot of confidence and support.  When a person takes risk, he/she has to be willing to accept the consequences, which may or may not be favorable.  It’s like playing poker, you could win the pot or lose more than anticipated.

Therefore the question becomes how much are you willing to gain before hedging your bet or willing to lose before calling it quits?  I believe an individual should formulate a team of trusted supporters before making a risky decision or seek counseling.

My suggestion is to be the turtle or the patient child.  A steady drip is a powerful force, it’s constant pressure at the same point and at some period in time that space where the water is dripping will give way to the dripping water.  Streams, rivers, and creeks are formed from consistent flows of water. Even after rain you will see old water ways form.  Therefore, consider taking the slow road to success, it’s the turtle and the hare story told once again.

There aren’t any shortcuts in life and when you think there is one, beware because it could lead to a longer road to getting back on the right path to the life you intended to live from the start.



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