Stress Management Tips

Stress Management

You know you are stressed when you rub your forehead in disbelief and frustration at least three times in four hours or when you put ice cream in the refrigerator instead of the freezer.  Typically, stress can cause you to bite your finger nails, put your fingers in your mouth or shake your leg frequently.  Some people allow stress to cause them to do things they would not normally do such as shop excessively, eat too much ice cream, drink too much coffee or alcohol, or hang out later than usual with friends or strangers.

Stress is never welcome because it can make your heart skip a beat from the anxiety created.  Plus, you never know when stress will go away.  However, there are some ways to manage it.

Stress Management can be managed by utilizing time management techniques, deep breathing exercises, and reframing the situation.

Stress is a common occurrence in everyday life.  The difference between being stress and not allowing a situation create stress is based on mental perception.

Time management best practices:

  • Focus on high importance and low urgency tasks such as planning, innovating, and development
  • Create a daily list of things to do
  • Set deadlines when task are to be completed and stick with them

Breathing Exercises best practices include deep breathing techniques:

  • Allow the diaphragm to expand and contract with every breath:
  • Inhale through the nostrils and exhale through the mouth
  • Close your eyes and follow the breath like the movement of the ocean

Re-frame the situation:

  • Keep the end in mind, what outcome would you like and give yourself enough time to plan and work through the situation.
  • Think optimistically, there is no benefit of thinking negatively
  • Control your thoughts by selecting a set time to think about the situation

These are a few suggestions.  There are others suggestions that could have been included such as exercise regularly to increase endorphins in the body to increase mood. However, I feel the above suggestions are a great place to start if a stressful situation arises unexpectedly.

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