Culture and Strategy

When creating a strategy culture should be taking into consideration for effective execution. Culture should be respected because all hands maybe needed to implement the strategy. Leaders of the culture have to be engaged to lead the charge. Culture is in the DNA of the company therefore it has to intertwine with the strategy; you can’t have one without the other.

Trying to implement a strategy without considering the culture can present short-term and long-term challenges.  In fact, several companies have learned that if you don’t respect the culture, the culture will not respect you. Then nothing gets accomplished other than excessive spending on another failed attempt, which is a path you want to avoid.

A better approach would be to create cross-functional teams of the best performers or top talent.  Then have a candid non-retaliatory open forum to share perceptions of the company’s culture, espoused and covert values. From that discussion, draw out best approaches to being successful within the organization and what it will take for the organization to be successful in the future by implementing the desired strategy.

Increasing employees self esteem and respecting their opinion can have tremendous upset potential. By getting employees involved in the early phase of the strategy can shorten the learning curve and drive performance.  Oftentimes, the top talent in the discussion group are the major contributors and leaders of the pact.   It is easy for followers to follow major contributors and leaders because they set the bar and they are visible.  Many people like to imitate the success.

Success tends to breed success and leaders have a away of converting followers into leaders.  That’s is the ultimate goal.



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