The Art of Staying Connected with Key Prospects

A big mistake sales professionals make is not following up with customers. There are at least 3 areas of follow up. 1. Follow up to check on how things are going, which leads to the second follow-up step. Follow up to see how the product or service is working. 3. Follow up on commitments and customers inquiries timely. Follow up can lead to an increase in sales because customers like to know you care and they like to feel important. Following up shows you are thinking about them and concerned about their success.

High potential prospects should be kept in the light and pipeline with constant communication. I have found you have to continue to shine the light on them by being creative. Creative ways to stay in touch and in the mind of the prospect would be scheduled follow-up, i.e. birthday card, holiday card, anniversary card, or a thank you for your consideration card without neglecting the phone call and regular visits. Additionally, creating an opportunity to get the person to an event, i.e. dinner, golf, sporting venue, or a professional social can be a way to resume a business discussion. Lastly, informing them of new information about the product or service by using information they provided in previous conversations can be key.

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