New learning opportunities appear at unexpected times

Occasionally my wife quotes Forest Gump by saying “Life is like a box of Chocolates” and I concur.  I say, who knows what is around the corner, just be prepared for the opportunity.  Deep within us we know we should prepare ourselves. Preparation is the key to success. The moral of the story is prepare, prepare, and prepare.

How about when we do all of the things we believe to be right, and then we get the opposite outcome of what we expected, success or failure?  That happens quite often, in fact many people have experienced disappointments in the last three years beyond their wildest imaginations because of the economic recession and natural disasters, while others have prospered.

The truth of the matter, our experiences give us an opportunity to share our stories with our others.  That’s the beauty of life; appreciate every moment and situation.  I have heard many times in casual conversations words of encouragement such as be strong, don’t give up, and keep on keeping on and if you get knocked down, get up and go forward stronger and more determined to achieve.


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